Have you ever wondered what exactly it means when the plant tag tells you Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade, or Shade?  Does that mean all day direct sun, half a day or no sun at all?  Nothing is written in stone when it comes to gardening, you can only go by guidelines and you will always find exceptions to everything.  Talking with your friends and their experiences is always a great way to learn and find out what the best location for your plants would be.  Or you can always send me an email on my questions page and I would be happy to help you.

Happy Gardening!

Full Sun
When a plant tag tells you Full Sun, take into consideration the location.  With our southern summers some areas can get darn hot! When does it get full sun?  In the morning or afternoon?  The general rule for Full Sun is 6 to 8 hrs of direct sun. 

Part Sun / Part Shade
I have always found both of these light requirements to be interchangeable depending on the plant.  Some plants will prefer morning to early afternoon sun, while others won't mind the late afternoon sun.  Part Sun / Part Shade is as little as 3 hrs up to 6hrs of sun. 

Dappled Sun
Dappled sun is the sunshine that makes its way through the branches of the overhanging canopy. 

Full Shade
Full shade is less than 3 hrs of direct morning or very late afternoon sun.  These plants need to be protected from our hot summer sun.

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