For a long time I have wanted to have a website and share what I know about gardening.  I pretty much grew up gardening with my Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and of course my Mother and Father.  A lot of what I know about flowers I learned from my mother.  Memories of working in the vegetable garden (at least as a child that's what I thought I was doing!) helping Daddy plant the corn, tomatoes, peppers and so on.  Pictures in my head of Mama canning and making jelly in the kitchen.  Life has since gotten so much more complicated that lots of us just don't take the time to stop and enjoy a more simpler lifestyle.  Hopefully in some small way I can help you find and learn what you need to bring or keep gardening in your day to day life.

4/26/2012 12:13:13 am

Diane, this is a great start! Your website has come such a long way. I love the Facebook buttons. I wish you luck!

-Diva J.

4/26/2012 06:54:13 am

Gorgeous website. Very informative and I really enjoyed reading through everything. It is a great accomplishment!

4/27/2012 01:20:17 am

Thank you for your comments. This is the beginning of a good thing!

9/23/2021 03:41:40 am

Great Article! Thank you for sharing this very informative post, and looking forward to the latest one.


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