Straw bale gardening is great for those of you that have poor soil, limited space for gardening or for those who have difficulty kneeling or bending for long periods of time.  Once you prepare your straw bale, you place your plants directly inside the bale to grow.  The straw keeps your plants cool and holds water well.  Weeding is kept at a minimum and as the bale deteriorates you are making usable compost. 

The best straw to use for straw bale gardening are oats, wheat, rye or barley.  You can use hay bales but you will have plenty of weeds to contend with.  Kent Rogers has a great site that explains the process in detail.

Take this link to learn all about straw bale gardening. 
"How to Grow a Straw Bale Garden"

Happy Gardening!

6/14/2012 03:40:45 am

I love the flowers! I researched how to make barley straw as a farming technique for my novel. I'm glad it has other uses. :)

6/14/2012 08:34:35 am

Should have read this beforee I did my straw bales. Anyway liked the way the bales turned out. Will do it again.

6/18/2012 11:32:53 pm

At least you will be ready next time. I'm going to be doing some this fall. I don't have a lot of room where I live. This will be a perfect solution.

7/24/2013 01:19:08 pm

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